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Luna Dance Academy

Luna Dance Academy is a premier dance studio that offers top-notch training in ballet, Latin, and HIP-HOP dance styles. Please call them at  (840) 234-6493 to book!

Their professional and experienced instructors are dedicated to helping students of all ages and skill levels achieve their dance goals in a supportive and encouraging environment. At Luna Dance Academy, they believe that dance is not only an art form but also a means of self-expression and personal growth. Their classes are designed to challenge and inspire students to reach their full potential, whether they are pursuing dance as a hobby or a career.

Ballet, in particular, has been shown to have numerous benefits for children. Not only does it help with posture, balance, and coordination, but it also helps to develop the brain in a unique way. Through the repetition and precision required in ballet movements, children can improve their cognitive abilities and spatial awareness.

At Luna Dance Academy, they strive to create a warm and welcoming community of dancers who share a passion for the art of movement. They invite you to join them and discover the joy of dance!

Near California Pizza Kitchen at: 2915 El Camino Real, Tustin, CA 92782